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Telicomm offers the most advanced product in the industry for no-cable video transmission of Smart-city cameras. The MuVis™  connects up to 4 cameras located in the same spot to a single communication box which transmits the video to the control room over the cellular network instead of using a cable infrastructure. In the control room, the video is received the same way the client is used to receive it and into the environment the client uses.

City Night Views

The transmission over the cellular network which is an existing and available infrastructure, allows Telicomm to offer MuVis as a plug-and-play solution which can be installed instantly and be relocated at any time. Just hang the box near your cameras, connect the wires, and your camera is ready to transmit the video to your control room!

The product’s small form factor allows hanging it side-by-side the cameras on a pole, building side, temporary installations, and practically wherever you need them without limiting yourself to installation where cable infrastructure is available. You as the customer are in control over the location of the cameras, and your operational needs determine the camera’s location over any other criteria!

The MuVis™ upports video standard Up to 4K resolution 30fps, and can transmit the video in camera output quality without compression, and can be used in areas with LTE cellular connectivity (3G and higher). It can support 10+ times the number of cameras supported by the cellular network today, and up to 100 cameras/km2 (Assuming typical 4G cellular coverage).


Technical data Telicomm MuVis

Video standard

Up to 4K resolution 30fps

Video quality

Fiber equivalent

Cellular connectivity

LTE (3G and higher)

Supported cameras

*Up to 100 cameras/km2

Supported cameras vs/ without MuVis


Supported cameras

Several (customization available for specific projects)

Supported VMS

Several (customization available for specific projects)

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