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About Us

Telicomm Breaks through Traditional, Limited Cellular Bandwidth Boundaries by Enabling Camera Connectivity via Cellular Networks

​To truly enter the digital age and become smart cities, municipalities need thousands of cameras – and they need them right away.

In 2017, 10 million cameras were installed worldwide in order to enable safe and smart city applications.

Most of these projects involved cumbersome cable installations.

However, in the spirit of optimization and efficiency, it is in these cities’ best interests to adopt immediate and flexible solutions that best suit today’s rapidly changing (urban infrastructure) environment.

This can only be done using the existing cellular network. Yet, due to challenges linked to limited bandwidth, today’s cellular network infrastructure simply cannot support the camera connectivity needs of tomorrow smart cities seek.

Image by Adrian Schwarz

Telicomm solution for smart city

Cellular network

Control room


Telicomm solution for smart city

Cellular Network

Control Room

Traffic Systems

Sport Events

Trains & Buses

Security Surveillance

P-VAN™ Cloud Management Software

P-VAN™ Video Stream Aregator

P-VAN™ Edge- Agent

P-VAN™ Site Analyzer

Telicomm’s solution enables connecting 20-30 HD-cameras over a single cell of 4G cellular infrastructure in a robust way (compared to 2-3 cameras with current technology), answering the need of the municipalities. These numbers were validated both by extensive simulations as well as demo system

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