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Municipalities across the world aim to improve their infrastructure and efficiency, provide better services, and increase public safety. The rapidly growing number of smart-city cameras require cost-effective technology, fast deployment with minimum interference to everyday life, and maximum flexibility for future changes


Optimizing cellular network data channels to achieve the highest-quality and most robust video service in accordance with customer needs.

Telicomm MuViS

Telicomm MuViS™ plug-and-play solution connects HD cameras to the control room and smart-city systems through the normal cellular network with fiber quality. Our non-invasive, fully-flexible, state-of-the-art technology supports municipal IoT applications, including smart traffic, smart parking, public security, public transport connectivity, video-surveillance, and more.

Why choose our solution?

Plug-and-play solution that works when cable infrastructure is not available on site

Reduces installation costs and time, with simple and fast installation, and without disrupting citizens and businesses with digging the streets during cumbersome cable installation projects

Scalability and flexibility in public safety and smart-city applications that require relocation of cameras

Low maintenance - only needs the remote software updates to keep your systems up-to-date

Fast and real-time reliable video feed with no compromise on video feed quality (4K resolution capabilities, supports 3G and above)

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