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Algorithms Engineer

Who we are

Telicomm is a young start-up company that revolutionizes the smart-city camera market. Telicomm’s technology enables camera connectivity over cellular networks, breaking through traditional boundaries of limited cellular bandwidth. Our mission: connect thousands of city cameras in a single day! Telicomm’s unique P-VAN™ (Predictive Video Aware Network – patent pending) technology utilizes machine learning combined with signal processing algorithms allowing video transmission from all connected cameras over the cellular network in an optimal and robust way. We are now ready to take this solution to the next level, and are looking for you to join our team. This is your opportunity to develop, professionally and personally.

What you'll do

The Algorithms Engineer is a key member of the company’s R&D team, responsible for research, development and definition of algorithms for the company’s future products.

Main tasks include

Research, develop and define state of the art algorithms in the field of telecommunication, signal/video processing, estimation and optimization and machine learning.

Come up with new algorithms that will enable new ground-breaking capabilities through full system implementation.

Simulate, Validate and code algorithms in MATLAB.

Collaborate closely with software engineering and development teams on implementation of developed algorithms.

Participate in long-term research in new technologies and problem domains towards company’s next-gen products



B.Sc./M.Sc. (85+) in Electrical Engineering

Experience of 3+ years in development of communication system, signal/video processing, estimation and optimization systems.

Deep knowledge in MATLAB.

Fast and self-learning capabilities.

Out of the box thinker.

Good interpersonal skills, team work, ability to work with dynamic environment.

Creative, open to absorb and share knowledge and ideas.




Information Technology & Services



Employment Type



Job Functions


Information Technology

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