We believe cities need new and advanced solutions to meet the security challenges of the 21st century. Telicomm breaks through traditional, limited cellular bandwidth boundaries by enabling unlimited camera connectivity via cellular networks

The Dynamic Smart City 

Immediate installation

- Anytime you need it

Total flexibility

- Anywhere you want it

Fully scalable & Cost reduction

- Using existing infrastructure

- No need for long term planning

The Technology

Telicomm’s unique P-VAN (Predictive Video Aware Network – patent pending) technology utilizes machine learning combined with signal processing algorithms to allow video transmission from all connected cameras over the cellular network in an optimal and robust way. This is done by predicting – in real-time and ahead of time – the behavior and needs of all video streams captured by the cameras, together with the condition of the cellular network, and using unique signal processing algorithms to fit all video streams into the currently available network resources.

Our Solution

For Municipalities

Telicomm is the only alternatives in projects located in areas with no fibre infrastructure, and advantageous in all metrics for day one coverage in mega infrastructure projects

For System Integrators

Telicomm gives cost effective solution to your smart-city and security projects, letting you conenct cameras directly to the cellular network with fibre cable quality

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