Telicomm’s unique P-VANTM (Predictive Video Aware Network – patent pending) technology utilizes machine learning combined with signal processing algorithms to allow video transmission from all connected cameras over the cellular network in an optimal and robust way.


This is done by predicting – in real-time and ahead of time – the behavior and needs of all video streams captured by the cameras, together with the condition of the cellular network, and using unique signal processing algorithms to fit all video streams into the currently available network resources.


The solution is comprised of two entities:

  • Edge-Agents: Connected between the camera and the cellular modem. Perform sensing, processing and control in both video and wireless domains.

  • Cloud Management Software: Performs the whole system management by utilizing information from all Edge-Agents to gear the P-VANTM algorithm.

Telicomm’s solution enables connecting 20-30 HD-cameras over a single cell of 4G cellular infrastructure in a robust way (compared to 2-3 cameras with current technology), answering the need of the municipalities. These numbers were validated both by extensive simulations as well as demo system

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