Telicomm in the news (Globes HEB version) - Apr 2020

Telicomm joins forces to fight the spread of COVID-19  Apr 2020

Telicomm joins forces to fight the spread of COVID-19, and presents – in collaboration with Cellcom, Israel’s leading telecommunications company - an innovative product that connects hundreds of cameras to the cellular infrastructure immediately (Plug & Play), transmit the video to the command center in original quality and real-time, and with full flexibility to relocate the cameras to a new location quickly.

Telicomm pilot in Madrid (Spain) with Simec & Bosch - Nov 2019

Telicomm launched a successful pilot together with Simec and Bosch in Madrid (Spain).

Below are the pilot KPI results as measured over 2 weeks of operation:

- Video quality: Measured using the subjective ACR-MOS score. The result is excellent.

- Video continuity: During the measurement time 0 frames were lost.

- Cellular BW usage: Max. cellular BW usage during the measurement time was 22%

- Supported camera: In 100% of the time >20 cameras were supported

Telicomm pilot in Tel-Aviv - Nov 2019

Telicomm launched a successful pilot in Tel-Aviv proving a potential of connecting 30x HD 1080p/30fps cameras with fiber quality on a single cellular cell. The pilot was held in Atidim. Cities can have now fast, low cost and full flexibility of smart city camera installation over cellular network.

Smart city expo in Barcelona - Nov 2019

The Smart City expo in Barcelona was very productive. Telicomm presented a pioneer technology for camera connectivity over cellular with uncompromised quality. Telicomm solution solves the pain of cable installation and opens new use cases for the municipalities and integrators. Great business relationships were established in the expo and we are very excited to start new projects. Thank you Tel-Aviv and City Zone for hosting Telicomm. See you next year

Telicomm new office in Cityzone hub - Sep 2019

Telicomm is shaping better cities in Cityzone living lab by enabling the connectivity of smart city cameras over the cellular network, increasing public safety and save lives. 

Atidim Bldg #2, Tel-Aviv


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